Sea Shepherd

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yet another hip surgery

Feeling kind of down today. My third and final (hopefully) hip surgery is scheduled for Monday, April 21. I am so tired of the pain. I have such a bad time with IV's that I am already getting scared of the whole ordeal! I think I will ask for sub clavian line. One that they put in a major vein in your neck during surgery. It sounds a lot less painful that being stuck over and over again.

For today:

My Daily Zen

The capacity of Mind is vast and great:
It is like the emptiness of space;
It has neither breadth nor bounds;
It is neither square nor round; neither large nor small;
It is neither blue nor yellow nor red nor white;
It has neither upper nor lower, long nor short;
It knows of neither anger nor pleasure;
Neither right nor wrong;
Neither good nor evil;
It is without beginning and without end.

- Sixth Patriarch