Sea Shepherd

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I remember the day when you couldn't stop me. I took ballet and wasn't half bad. I owned and road horses. In the past few years I rescued everything from turtles to horses. I long for those days and am deeply saddened they are gone. Hell, I would ride my horses with a broken wrist. My husband divorced me this past November. I guess he was cheating with someone he could make into what he wanted. I am told I had to much personality for him. I thought I would be with him forever but but that was not to be. I know there is a plan for your life but I am getting worm down with mine. Having three hip surgeries would were anyone down. I am recovering quickly and trying very hard. I started taking Ti Chi. I have to take it at home because no studio would take(not sure what they are really referred to) They are worried about liability due to the hip replacements and need a doctors release. My doctor isn't going to that for a good long time. The movements make my joints feel better but I know I will never be the same. I was told I won't be fully healed for 6 to 8 months ~ DAMN. I spend so much time alone. My saving graces are my dogs and my best friend Stephanie. She doesn't live in Georgia anymore but we talk to each other several times a day. She is coming to help me get the house straightened out and junk thrown away. My daughter was so awful when she was here she put a bunch of her stuff in my room and it is impossible for me to move it so I sleep on the couch. I can't wait to see her. this is her daughter Ester. That is it for now. I just made myself feel kinda sad.