Sea Shepherd

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scary times!

Excuse me while I rant! I had the worst experience trying to get gas today I barley believed it was happening. I had a doctors appointment and while I was on the way home I saw that I was dangerously low on gas. OK, I went to the station I usually go to, they also happen to be the cheapest. I waited in line for 35 minutes until I found out they ran out of gas. I stopped at 4 more stations only to find out the same thing. By this time I am near panic. If you guys know me you know I have had 3 hip surgeries in the past 18 months! I was in no mood to walk home!! The final station I arrived at was pretty close to home but it was also my last chance. I got in line. I actually got a good spot and was right at the pump. They had run out just as I got out to pump the gas. I had no idea what I was going to do. My spirit guide must have been looking over me. There was a gas truck pulling up to fill their tanks just as I was about to give up hope. I waited 45 minutes for them to finish. Of course, everyone that was there waiting tried to pump gas at the very same moment, bad idea! The tanks had to much air and needed to build up pressure before they started to work, all of them except mine of course. That turned out to be bittersweet. My pump just happened to be the only one working. I was getting some nasty comments from the woman in a Cadillac, none the less. The poor station attendant was running around like a mental case. He said he had to shut everything down and restart it so the rest of the pumps would work. I was almost done filling up and Mrs. Ugly started pointing at me and saying her pump is running. It's her fault, yadda yadda yadda. Man it got really ugly. Thankfully the guy running the station let me finish before he shut everything down. Looks like we are really in for some tough times. Bush can't seem to go away fast enough for me!!