Sea Shepherd

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jordan is coming along so well

He seems to be happy and is getting healthier every day. For being 13 that is a really milestone! I can't find a collar for the little guy so he has to wear my female dog's collar for now. He doesn't mind though. He loves to be in the yard. Here is getting some nap time on one of his favorite dog beds. I think he thinks they are all his. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Logans Journey day 8

Logan's journey day 8! He was so timid and scared when I got him. The medications are helping. He is eating. He even licks me now, YEH. This was once a loved dog but his people decided he was getting old and needed care so they dumped him and moved. How do people do that?? His weekly bath happens today, he seems to like it and his hair is growing back nicely. I will never regret taking Logan into my home. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Logan's Journey Monday 5-20

Logan's Journey Monday 5-20, he is making such progress. I really love this little boy. He did have an accident in the house today but it was my fault. He was trying to get out but with 3 dogs and 3 leashes it got a bit mixed up and poor Logan could not hold it any longer. He is such a sweet boy. I have to put vegan gravy on his food but that is not a problem, he lives in a vegan house.  He was terrified during the thunderstorms yesterday and stayed under my legs and on the couch for hours. His other house mates did the same. This little guy is such a joy. The time I have with him is precious to me.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Logan update Sunday, day 4

Logan update for Sunday: He ate a full bowl a food, with a bit of veggie gravy to tempt him. He is still sleeping a lot but he goes out when the other dogs go out. He seems to be tolerating a whole lot of medication, that makes it easier. The x-rays will be done this week. Any donations are greatly appreciated and he loves you all too. Thank you to the people who have donated to his medical care already. ( paypal) It really helped take the edge off the medication costs, he is ojn 5 at this point. Trust me this little one has the heart of a wolf. He is a fighter. I am thinking of re-starting my non-profit and rescuing senior unwanted dogs. He may have come into my life just for that reason. Big doggy kisses, K & Logan

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Logan's journey day 3

Logan on his third day with me. He is a trooper having to take so many meds. He is taking antibiotics, steroids, thyroid meds and urinary tract infection meds. He has found the food and water. He still sleeps a lot but I expect that will continue until he is feeling better. He slept on cold cement for who knows how long. Now he has his choice of warm, soft and fluffy beds. He appears to be able to hear some sounds. I was told he was deaf. He is blind in one eye but has some vision in the other. He likes the walks with the other dogs. All in all he is coming along. This picture is him on one of the dog beds. His hair smells better and looks a little better too. All in all I am pleased. Kept it up dear little Logan.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The journey of Logan

Well my heart string got the best of me yet again. Not new to anyone I am sure. I rescued a poor lonely senior dog that was dumped by his owners and just left to die. I pulled him from an awful animal control in south of nowhere Georgia. His skin looked awful, he had matted hair. He is mostly deaf and blind in one eye. I had my other senior dog, she is blind, with me to make sure they got along and she approved so that was the start of Logan's journey. I called my vet on the way home and got him in right away.

The bill was a lot more than I expected but he needed me and I couldn't turn my back on him, someone already did that to him. He got all of his blood work, rabies shot, full exam and some medicated shampoo. He was so frightened and timid I didn't make him get his first bath until the next day, Friday 5/17/2013. He is taking his antibiotics like a trooper.

The bath went off much better than I could have hoped. I think he liked it and I am sure his skin feels better. He really is a sweet boy. He smells much better too. He is sleeping now. When he first got here he would not come out of the kitchen and now he is in the living room with me and the other dogs. This is the picture from animal control. I will update his picture when he wakes up. Big doggy kisses Logan.