Sea Shepherd

Sunday, September 25, 2011


People constantly say that aquariums are educational and we should not deprive our children of this interaction. What a load of bull. I have never seen a child suffer from not interacting with a dinosaur!!

The point I am making here is that children do not have to see captivity to learn. They can go on whale watches. They can learn to scuba. There are so many ways to interact with you environment than to put the animals in tanks and cages. No child will interact with every animal. Learning can be done in many ways without be cruel!

What is educational about dolphins jumping up in the air and doing tricks?? Nothing. This teaches the exact opposite of what we want our children to learn.


If zoos are like arks, then rare animals are like passengers on a voyage of the damned, never to find a port that will let them dock or a land in which they can live in peace. The real solution, of course, is to preserve the wild nature that created these animals and has the power to sustain them. But if it is really true that we are inevitably moving towards a world in which mountain gorillas can survive only in zoos, then we must ask whether it is really better for them to live in artificial environments of our design than not to be born at all.

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