Sea Shepherd

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daily Zen

Talking about food won't make you full,
Babbling about clothes won't keep out the cold.
A bowl of rice is what fills the belly;
It takes a suit of clothing to make you warm.
And yet, without stopping to consider this,
You complain the Buddha is hard to find.
Turn your mind within! There he is!
Why look for him abroad?

- Han shan

Sad Goobye to Collette

Statement from Captain Paul Watson....

We view the life of every Humpback whale
as valuable and if anything can be done to save the life of this young baby
Humpback than we encourage and support every effort to ensure that he survives.....

I would propose finding a small cove,
inlet or bay to keep Colin safe and then attempting to feed Colin with a
mixture of krill and small fish. Finding whale milk is difficult if not
impossible. If Colin is old enough to be weaned then this could work.....

It is of course an awesome task to care
for and provide life saving care to a whale. It truly is a whale of a task but
we can’t be faulted for trying, just for refusing to try.....

Australians have an opportunity
demonstrate that they do not just talk about saving whales but that they are
prepared to do whatever it takes to protect them, including this little orphan.....

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
wishes to work with the governments both Federal and State, the media, other
groups and concerned Australian citizens to mobilize an effort to save Colin.....

We can do this!....

Captain Paul Watson....

Sea Shepherd ..Australia..
Director Jeff Hansen began to mobilize a coordinated rescue effort with the
Australia Zoo and the government of ....New
South Wales.... as soon as he heard about the unfortunate

Unfortunately the bureaucrats could not be bothered. They refused to
allow us to help Colin and they refused to attempt to feed him. They took the
easy way out and killed him.....

Killing is usually the first response of government bureaucrats when a
wild species is in trouble. They dismissed our help, they dismissed our
suggestions and they dismissed our pleas to spare the life of this baby
Humpback whale.

As I said before Colin was killed, we could not be faulted for trying
to save his life but the bureaucrats can be faulted for not even trying. ....

This tragedy underlies the political reality that the Rudd government
has abandoned their efforts to defend the whales from the lethal harpoons of
the illegal Japanese whaling fleet. The appeasement of the Japanese government
in the name of not upsetting trade will condemn hundreds of whales to an
agonizing death once again at the end of the year.....

We wish that we still had ..Senator..
Ian Campbell championing the whales as the Minister of Environment instead of a
man who did more as a rock star than he has done as a politician.....

Memo to Peter

Peter, did you check you balls at the door when you were elected? Why
not do one or two of the things you promised to? Now you’re
murdering kangaroos, kissing the ass of the Japanese whalers, backing pulp
mills, logging and dredging operations. What the hell happened man? Spitting on
the burning bed ain’t gonna put out the fire! When you played on the logging
road at Clayoquot I loved you man. When you spoke out in song and music for the
Earth, we adored you. But now, well now, you’re just another lying politician with
a self serving agenda. Redeem yourself while you still can – speak out like you
used to – hell all they can do is fire you but better to be a hero to the
people than a pawn to special interests. ....