Sea Shepherd

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Logan and The Fireman

My sweet Logan and Fireman

I have no idea why I called Logan, Jordan in one of my posts. I do have a grandson named Jordan so I must have been in Jordan land that day. :)

Anyway, Logan is doing so well. He is the sweetest dog. He licked me yesterday and I think he really is getting to love me. When I get home from being away he jumps up to me and wags his tiny tail. He must have had no love or attention. He is a senior, 13 years old but I love the daylights out of him.

People please SPAY and NEUTER you dogs. Think about how many dogs are put to death!!

One more comment:

Please bless the 19 fireman that died trying to save others. I have so much respect for someone that runs into a fire and risks their own life while others are running out.